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cos-mo-post-al-an [koz-muh-postal-en]: adjective/noun
1. a person
who belongs to all the world; not limited to just one part of the world; can make their home anywhere in the world.
2. a person who believes fully that postage stamps and mail connect the world, regardless of where, from or to, they go.
3. the joyful experience of knowing you're a local because your mail made it to its destination

The postage stamp is truly wonderful. It can travel the world, experience the lives of a million different people, go through the doors of strangers; and never once lose sight of where it's headed.
Welcome to the land of cosmopostalan : travel, mail and words. It's a crazy little place in my corner of the woods; wherever that may be!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

From Within The USPS...

My great aunt works for the United States Postal Service.
She is an enthusiast for mail, and postal ponderings in general.
Last Friday, I trekked to my post office box where I was greeted by a massive box from her. When Bill, the ever-joyful, sole post office employee, informed me that I had a package, I couldn't believe it. It didn't make any sense. Who would be sending me a package? I had no idea of the sender.
Until I looked at the box and saw the mailing address, I was wholly thinking someone had sent a package to the wrong location.
I couldn't wait to open it. So, I grabbed it up, thanked good ole' Bill and sat out the front of the post office on the grass, beginning to open the box.
It was FULL of postal paraphenalia. FULL.
My aunt has got it going ON!

And so I just HAD to send out a massive thank you!

 And, paired with another outgoing... was an excellent outgoing mail day!

Looking forward to some incoming...and some more penpals!

Getting mail, and giving thanks!
                              ~ Ms. Always Traveling


  1. You have until the count of 3 to hand over that Elvis Presley stamp.. 1..2...

    LOL I love ELVIS <3

  2. Isn't the Elvis stamp SO COOL!? I knew you would like it!

    ~ Ms. Always Traveling

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment! Have a blessed and lovely weekend!


Thank you for your lovely postal ponderings!
May today be a beautiful, full-of-mail kind-of day!
~ Ms. Always Traveling