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cos-mo-post-al-an [koz-muh-postal-en]: adjective/noun
1. a person
who belongs to all the world; not limited to just one part of the world; can make their home anywhere in the world.
2. a person who believes fully that postage stamps and mail connect the world, regardless of where, from or to, they go.
3. the joyful experience of knowing you're a local because your mail made it to its destination

The postage stamp is truly wonderful. It can travel the world, experience the lives of a million different people, go through the doors of strangers; and never once lose sight of where it's headed.
Welcome to the land of cosmopostalan : travel, mail and words. It's a crazy little place in my corner of the woods; wherever that may be!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Newspapers #2 and some MAILART!

"The best effect of fine persons is felt after we have left their presence."  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I managed to find yet another fitting horoscope today, hidden within the pages of the Canadian newspaper: The Globe and Mail.
It read:
You feel wonderfully alive at the moment and recent ailments seem to have disappeared. Having said that, it would be a mistake to do anything too strenuous over the next 24 hours. Enjoy life by taking it easy.
Can you say LEGIT?! That is exactly what I needed to hear!! I guess, then, my essay can have a day off, and will recommence tomorrow. Wouldn't want to do anything too strenuous.

Onto some postal ponderings, I haven't had another large mail sendout since the 24th, only a piece this morning to my uncle. I cut out a newspaper clipping that he just had to see, and it's on its way to him as I type. I also haven't received anything in a while -- what's the deal, penpals? -- so instead, I have spent this morning making some envelopes.
Some were made from those aforementioned "FREE! Coffee News" newspaper sleeves, some were made from 1930's music arrangements, some were traditional envelopes decorated with cutouts and other various paraphenalia. But in all cases -- they're one of a kind. And I love them!

Here are some pics:

I love this. It's two different cutouts juxtaposed. And I love this photo.

I like to think of this piece as "The French Piece", because both the REAL, handcancelled postage stamps are from France, and the cutout of those hands is from a French airline advertisement.

Don't we know it.

Truest desire. To be written to.

Write me--
~ Ms. Always Traveling

P.S. If you're out there in the worldwideweb reading this blog -- let me know. I'd love to hear from you. May today be a day of postal ponderings.

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