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cos-mo-post-al-an [koz-muh-postal-en]: adjective/noun
1. a person
who belongs to all the world; not limited to just one part of the world; can make their home anywhere in the world.
2. a person who believes fully that postage stamps and mail connect the world, regardless of where, from or to, they go.
3. the joyful experience of knowing you're a local because your mail made it to its destination

The postage stamp is truly wonderful. It can travel the world, experience the lives of a million different people, go through the doors of strangers; and never once lose sight of where it's headed.
Welcome to the land of cosmopostalan : travel, mail and words. It's a crazy little place in my corner of the woods; wherever that may be!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Continuation of the Best Month 2

Got to love mail.
Yesterday, my arrival to the mailbox was heralded by two letters -- one from my dear friend T in Australia, and one from my dear Grandmother! The kind of mail that you don't expect can be the best you receive, when the mood suits.

Hence why, today, I decided to write some unexpected mail to my dear friend B in Australia. A wonderfully talented actor, B and I go way back. And I haven't heard from him in a while, so I thought an OOTB (Out Of The Blue) letter was only fitting!

So that makes the count:
  • received one from Australia (T.)
  • sent one to Australia (T.)
  • send one to Australia (B.)
which puts my goal to send nine more this month!
(I might raise that if I finish it quicker than I anticipate!)

If you'd like to be one of those nine, let me know! You can never have to many penpals!

Send mail--send love,
                              ~ Ms. Always Traveling

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