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cos-mo-post-al-an [koz-muh-postal-en]: adjective/noun
1. a person
who belongs to all the world; not limited to just one part of the world; can make their home anywhere in the world.
2. a person who believes fully that postage stamps and mail connect the world, regardless of where, from or to, they go.
3. the joyful experience of knowing you're a local because your mail made it to its destination

The postage stamp is truly wonderful. It can travel the world, experience the lives of a million different people, go through the doors of strangers; and never once lose sight of where it's headed.
Welcome to the land of cosmopostalan : travel, mail and words. It's a crazy little place in my corner of the woods; wherever that may be!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Europe Countdown

I'm finding it sort of hard to believe that I'm headed to Europe in less than a week. In fact, it's three days now until I'll be sitting in Paris. Wonderful stuff!
The thing is, I'm not familiar with a whole lot to do with Europe! I'll love some recommendations for things to do/see/experience in France, Italy and Spain!
And I look forward to blogging from each of those gorgeous locations!

~ Ms. Always Traveling


  1. Don't forget to bring an umbrella! Even though it's supposed to be summer, at least France is very rainy right now (as far as I can tell by living close to the border..).
    It has been a while since I've been to Paris, Spain and Italy, so I don't recall any good recommendations. In Paris I enjoyed going to le mur des je t'aime (, because there weren't that many tourists and they had very good bakeries close to that spot :) (Of course you should eat cheese in France, tapas and tortilla espanola in Spain and pizza, noodles, seafood and icecream in Italy.)
    Enjoy your trip and have fun!

    1. Thanks so much! I take it that you live in Europe?
      The part I am looking forward to the most is, of course, the food! I can't wait to immerse myself in that aspect of the culture! Thanks for the comment, and look forward to continuing to read your comments on my blog!
      ~ Ms. Always Traveling


Thank you for your lovely postal ponderings!
May today be a beautiful, full-of-mail kind-of day!
~ Ms. Always Traveling